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Crystal Information

Healing with your Crystals

Crystals are a living and growing organism made up of vibrations, as is every other living thing on Earth.  Each stone resonates, or vibrates, with a slightly different pattern geometrically. These same geometric patterns found in their crystalline structures reside in our bodies, systems, organs, etc.  Whenever our patterns of energy work together in a balanced way then we experience our good health.  Whenever they do not work in harmony, we experience poor health, or dis-ease.  In order to heal our bodies, we must align those patterns into harmony once again.  Crystals radiate pure patterns with unmatched consistency, and their structure, balance, wavelength, and frequency can bring us back into harmony. 


Cleansing and Programming your Crystal

It is especially important to cleanse your crystals before using them so that it is your own energy you are working with.  Their strong electromagnetic field means they can easily collect or store energy.  One method of cleansing is to leave them in the sunlight and moonlight (especially a full moon) for a full 24 hours.  You can also smudge your crystals with a sage bundle.  The most important element is your intention.  If you intend to cleanse the crystal, it will be cleansed.  To program your crystals imagine it in white light, ask for it to be blessed, then in your own words state the purpose for which you intend it to be used. 

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